Beware! New Malware ‚Realst‘ Poses Threat to Crypto Wallets

Beware! New Malware ‚Realst‘ Poses Threat to Crypto Wallets

admin 28. Juli 2023

• A dangerous malware called Realst is targeting Mac and Windows users, threatening their cryptocurrency wallets.
• The malware employs sophisticated techniques such as “AppleScript spoofing,” password division, and keychain data extraction to gain unauthorized access to user information.
• To defend yourself from this multifaceted danger, it is crucial to understand how the malware spreads and the potential risks it poses to your crypto assets.

Beware: Crypto Wallets at Risk from New Malware “Realst”

A dangerous new malware called „Realst“ is causing havoc among Mac and Windows users who have cryptocurrency wallets. The malicious software employs sophisticated techniques like „AppleScript spoofing,“ password division, and keychain data extraction in order to gain unauthorized access to user information. It is important for users to recognize the signs of this threat in order to protect their crypto assets.

The Threat of Realst

Security researcher iamdeadlyz identified Realst on July 6th as a threat that could target wallets of Mac and Windows users. According to SentinelOne’s analysis of 59 Mach-O samples of Realst, 16 distinct variants have been identified which are categorized into families A, B, C, and D. Each family uses different methods in order to steal data from web browsers and cryptocurrency wallet apps. The malware has also been linked with macOS 14 Sonoma which indicates ongoing development of the threat.

Characteristics of each Family

Family A utilizes „AppleScript spoofing“ which tricks victims into typing their admin passwords in order to get access. Family B divides strings for password spoofing in order to avoid static detection by security programs. Family C contains a reference known as „chainbreaker“ which extracts data from a system’s keychain while Family D prompts victims through Terminal before dumping saved credentials from Keychain.

Defend Yourself From Realst Malware

In order to safeguard against this complex danger it is essential for users learn about how the malware spreads and what potential risks it poses for crypto assets:
• Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity associated with fake blockchain games or other download links that could be used by hackers spread malicious software such as Realst • Make sure you have strong passwords and keep them secure • Install reliable anti-malware protection on your device • Monitor activities closely on all accounts linked with your crypto wallet • Take regular backups of your wallet files • Be wary when clicking suspicious links or downloading unknown applications • Regularly update your operating system


Cryptocurrency holders must remain vigilant against cybercriminals who are constantly innovating new ways exploit them online by using threats like Realst malware. By understanding how these attacks work you can take precautions against them while maintaining peace of mind over your digital assets