Charles Hoskinson Slams Cardano Security Critics: ‚Ignorant‘

Charles Hoskinson Slams Cardano Security Critics: ‚Ignorant‘

admin 26. April 2023

• The panel discussion on LLMs has put Cardano in the firing line.
• Critics of Cardano have raised security concerns around EUTXO.
• Charles Hoskinson called out the panelists and their discussion, labeling them “ignorant”.

Panel Discussion Puts Cardano Under Fire

A panel discussion on language model learners (LLMs) has put Cardano at the center of a heated debate. The Extended UTXO (EUTXO) model employed by Cardano extends Bitcoin’s UTXO model that aims to support a substantially more expressive form of validation scripts, but it has recently been met with criticism. Several critics of Cardano, including Tarun Chitra and Robert Lesher, have voiced their security concerns surrounding the EUTXO model.

Hoskinson Labels Competition ‚Ignorant‘

In response to these criticisms, Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to call out the panelists and their discussion, labeling them “ignorant” for questioning Cardano’s security measures. Hoskinson argued that his chain’s EUTXO model is actually more secure than other models, combining both Bitcoin’s security and Ethereum’s programmability for enhanced safety features.

What is an EUTXO Model?

Cardano’s EUTXO is similar to the traditional UTXO model employed by Bitcoin in that users must spend unspent transaction outputs rather than account balances. However, the extension in the EUTXO is its smart contract capability which allows it to remain secure while also providing scalability benefits over other models.

Competition Calls Out Security Concerns

Despite this advantage however, critics continue to voice their doubts over Cardano’s design choices when it comes to its formal verification process which they claim makes it less secure than others chains like Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV). These arguments were made during a discussion hosted by „The Chopping Block“ which prompted Hoskinson’s public rebuke against his competition as well as their claims about his chain’s vulnerability.


While some voices doubt the security of Cardano and its EUTXO mode; Charles Hoskinson defends his chain stating that it offers improved safety features over other chains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum thanks to its combination of scalability and programmability advantages that are not available elsewhere .