Chiliz Invests $50M in 2.0, Launching NFT Ticket Pilots and Games

Chiliz Invests $50M in 2.0, Launching NFT Ticket Pilots and Games

admin 4. März 2023

• Chiliz launches Chiliz Labs, an incubator for early-stage products and $50 million dollar investment fund.
• The Layer-1 Chiliz 2.0 is launching soon and will be used to provide exclusive NFT ticket pilots to games.
• Chiliz (CHZ) native token failed to reclaim the $0.15 support line, trading at $0.126757 at press time according to CoinGecko

Chiliz Launches Incubator and Accelerator Program

Chiliz (CHZ), a leading sports blockchain, has launched its incubator and accelerator program known as Chiliz Labs with a $50 million USD investment fund. This new initiative will foster viable and innovative early-stage blockchain projects that are looking to leverage the new Chiliz blockchain.

Chiliz 2.0 Ready for Transition to Mainnet

The upgraded Chiliz Layer-1 EVM-compatible blockchain minted its first block on February 8th, 2023 in celebration of its fifth anniversary. Furthermore, the team behind the blockchain is preparing for the transition of Chiliz 2.0 mainnet launch later this year which will be providing exclusive NFT ticket pilots to games in the near future.

Chiliz Investing in Barca’s Web3 Ventures

Additionally, this past August 2022, Chiliz partnered with FC Barcelona while investing $100 million into Barca’s Web3 ventures with great optimism surrounding it despite CHZ native token failing to reclaim the $0.15 support line for a month now as it trades at $0.126757 according to CoinGecko data at press time.

Market Performance of CHZ Token

Since the birthday celebration of their 5th anniversary on February 8th, 2023 where CHZ reclaimed its key resistance line of $0.15 for two days only later dropping back down after being unable to maintain that level there has been quite a bit of market movement regarding CHZ token performance with bears unable to leave it alone during FIFA World Cup ’22 in Qatar leaving many speculating what could be next for it given current market conditions

WOLF ALPHA Outlook on CHZ Token

WOLF ALPHA commented on how rarely Chilz was mentioned these days but also brought up how they have an L1 WEB3 Sports Blockchain coming up on March as well as their announced incubator and accelerator program that may do well given current market dynamics giving some insight into future outlooks from various crypto outlets when it comes to what may come out of this project going forward