Rocket Pool Brings Liquid Staking to Ethereum Layer-2 zkSync Era

Rocket Pool Brings Liquid Staking to Ethereum Layer-2 zkSync Era

admin 5. Juni 2023

• Rocket Pool is deploying on zkSync Era, allowing users to stake ETH on Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution.
• Rocket Pool is the second largest liquid staking protocol in the industry and it is the first liquidity staking project to deploy on zkSync Era.
• By moving to Ethereum Layer-2 scaling projects, protocols can increase throughput and lower transaction fees while preserving Ethereum’s security.

Rocket Pool Deploys on zkSync Era

Rocket Pool has deployed its liquid staking protocol on zkSync Era. This new layer-2 scaling solution uses zero-knowledge proofs to enable faster transactions at a lower cost than what is available on the mainnet. With this deployment, users will be able to stake their ETH through rETH token and use it for DeFi protocols such as lending and trading platforms.

About Rocket Pool

Rocket Pool is one of the oldest Ethereum liquid staking protocols in the industry and currently ranks second in terms of total ETH staked with 687,456 ETH as recorded by their website. It is also one of the most community driven crypto projects in the Ethereum space with an active development team that regularly releases updates.

zkSync Era Launched

zkSync Era was launched in March 2021 and uses fraud proofs for scalability solutions. As mentioned earlier, users can now use rETH token for cheaper transactions on network and deploy it on other decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms that are running on top of zkSync Era’s zkEVM platform.

Why This Matters

The move from established Ethereum projects to newly launched Layer-2 scaling solutions shows a shift towards more efficient ways of processing transactions while still ensuring security levels remain high enough for investors to feel confident in investing their funds into different DeFi products or services being offered by these protocols. The move also reduces costs associated with transacting which makes these services more appealing for those looking to transact at scale without incurring large fees associated with higher gas prices often observed during peak times when demand surpasses capacity limits set by miners across the entire network.


Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions are increasingly becoming popular among industry incumbents due to their ability to offer higher throughputs at a lower cost while maintaining security levels of mainnet networks like Ethereum itself. Rocket pool’s deployment ontoz kSync era further solidifies this trend and sets an example for other liquidity providers that may look into using similar techniques as well in order to maximize profits while minimizing expenses associated with running operations at scale across multiple blockchains or networks simultaneously